Monday, October 25, 2010

Observations From My Couch: UFC 121 "Ultimate Brock is Dead - Long Live Brock!"

  • Patrick Cote, Tito Ortiz and Gabriel Gonzago are all glaring examples of the fact that getting old in the Octagon does not look pretty.
  • Court McGee: takes a licking…  That’s it.  He just takes a licking.
  • I bet Matt Hamill isn’t really deaf.  I bet he just pretends he is so he can get in an extra strike at the bell.
  • That wasn’t Diego Sanchez in there.  That was some kind of superhero.
  • “Jake Shields, I eem not eem-pressed wid your performance.” – Georges St. Pierre.
  • Yes, Brock Lesnar got his ass kicked.  But what truly sucks is he was just starting to become likeable.
  • As part of his victory celebration, Cain Velasquez announced that he was going to drink Corona and lay on top of Lesnar’s wife.  And he could because he’s the champ!

ROC 32 Postscript

Not a bad show, although everyone involved - from the staff right on down to the media - was out of their comfort zone working in the midst of the expo.  Oddly enough, Kim Couture had a few fans rooting for her, and she put up a decent fight against Munah Holland (who was as good in her debut as everyone thought she'd be).  Claudio Ledesma's aggressiveness was like a force of nature, Liam Kerrigan looked smooth as hell, and John Cholish is a stud.  Watch for him to move on up to one of the big shows soon.