Saturday, June 23, 2012

Observations from My Couch: Bellator 71/UFC on FX 4 Mash-Up

  • Brett Rogers beat on Kevin Asplund so bad, you'd think they were married!
  • Out of the light-heavyweight tournament quarterfinal winners Attila the Vegh, Tim Carpenter and Emanual Newton, Attila the Vegh seems like the only one worth a damn.
  • That said, Travis Wiuff is going to kill them all, then feast upon the bones of Bellator's 205-pound champ - WHO HE ALREADY BEAT.
  • Dan Miller getting a well-deserved win in typical Dan Miller fashion is one of those feel-good things that make your night.
  • Matt Brown = killer.  Luis Ramos = murder victim.
  • Nick Catone was winning until he slowed down in the final round and Chris Camozzi was able to open him up with that cut.  Oh well.  C'est la vie.
  • I am shocked - SHOCKED - that Steven Siler was able to handle Joey Gambino like that.  There were flashes of Gambino's insane ability and talent, though.  Hopefully he'll get another chance in the Octagon to show his stuff.
  • I'm just going to pretend that Rick Story and Brock Jardine never fought, that the fight never happened and that for those painful fifteen minutes I was doing something constructive with my time like knitting a sweater.
  • Ramsey Nijem is still weird and off-putting.
  • Hatsu Hioki laid a gigantic egg in the Octagon.
  • First Jamie Varner, now Cub Swanson... was there some sort of magic spell or curse that was making these WEC vets suck, and now it's worn off?
  • The improbably run of Brian Ebersole continues.  Hooray.
  • You know, if Spencer Fisher learns some wrestling defense, he could really make a name for himself in this sport.
  • At first I was like, "Yeah, do it, Clay Guida, do your thing!"  Then I was like, "Uh, WTF."  Then, when Gray Maynard went all Diaz Brother on him, I was like, "Oh.  Snap.  That's a guy I can get behind."