Monday, May 5, 2014

Witness the Future of MMA


In the future, martial styles once labeled as esoteric will reemerge in the crucible of MMA combat anew. They will be an art transformed, adapted to the science of fighting in the cage as we know it, and its proponents - like the man in the following video - will seamlessly mesh traditions like kung fu and jiu-jitsu to reach new levels of effectiveness.

Also, the theme from the "Terminator" will constantly be playing in the background.

MFC 40 Primer: Tom Gallicchio - The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Part 1


Tom Gallicchio - a New Jersey-bred fighter who turned West Coaster to join Team Quest - will step into the cage on Friday at Maximum Fighting Championship 40 for a rematch with Kurt Southern, and it's likely Gallicchio isn't going to be taken lightly this time around. You see, when "Da Tank" and Southern first clashed back in January, many assumed that the lightweight belt that was at stake was going to go home with the Canadian fighter. But then Gallicchio choked Southern the fuck out, and, well, you know how that goes.

Battle Rock 1: Top Notch Muay Thai in a Rock-Solid Part of the City


Much has been said about the resilience of the Rockaways and Chris Romulo's Muay Thai gym, both of which took a serious lickin' from Hurricane Sandy and - like a battered and bruised kickboxer answering the bell for another round - have bounced back to scrap and scrap hard. But nothing beats seeing things with your own eyes, so on Friday I trekked out to that part of New York City that Mother Nature just couldn't beat, and within the confines of a packed gymnasium at Beach Channel High School, I witnessed firsthand what it means to truly endure and fight on.