Thursday, March 19, 2009

Miguel Torres: "I Need to Fight at Heavyweight to Make Money - This Mullet Ain't Paying For Itself!"

WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres has announced his intention to fight up a few weight classes, a move he claims is prompted by reasons purely financial. "I need to fight at heavyweight to make money," said the best 135-pound fighter in the world, and he emphasized his reasoning by pointing to his hairstyle. "This mullet ain't paying for itself!" As it's a widely-accepted reality that higher weight-class fighters command larger salaries, and that mullets often require thousands of dollars worth of hair care products daily, it's understandable that Torres would even consider such a move. But for fans of the man who's risen to the top of the bantamweights, it's a move that's nonetheless regrettable. "Seriously, I need the dough," said Torres. "WEC matchmaker Sean Shelby told me he knew people and could probably get me a bout against Cheick Kongo. Maybe even Shane Carwin." According to athletic commission records, Torres' salary stands at 600 dollars a fight plus a case of hair gel as a win bonus.

UFC Coming to Michigan!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, an organization that mixes the combative disciplines of karate, judo, kung fu and the exotic art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is coming to the Cobo Arena in Detroit, Michigan possibly by the end of the year. On tap to wage war within the confines of the dreaded "Octagon" are "World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock and UFC 5 tournament winner Dan "the Beast" Severn, who will be rematching in a superfight that should determine just who the baddest no-holds-barred fighter on the planet really is! Also on the card is Don "the Predator" Frye against grappling master Amaury Bitetti, "Stuttering" Mark Hall against Japanese sumo legend Koji Kitao, and Olympic wrestling gold medalist Mark Schultz against Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge. Want to see blood? Want to see carnage? Then tune into UFC 9 on pay-per-view!