Sunday, November 15, 2009

Observations From My Couch: UFC 105 "Holy Crap Another Bad Decision"

  • Aaron Riley: takes a lickin', keeps on... takin' a lickin'.
  • For a while there, I was worried James Wilks was going to be successful in his effort to hug Matt Brown to death.
  • Tough break for Jared Hamman, who got eye-gouged and knocked out in 41 seconds. He's fortunate the fight didn't go a minute and a half, though, because with his luck he would've torn his ACL and broken a few bones as well.
  • Denis Kang is so skilled and dangerous and talented. For one round. Then he's got nothing.
  • Andre Winner didn't just put Roli Delgado to sleep, he tucked him in and read him a bedtime story.
  • Congrats, Dan Hardy! You're the next man in line to get killed by Georges St. Pierre!
  • Randy Couture did nothing to earn that decision. Except, of course, be a multi-time champ, Hall of Famer, legend, spokesman for the sport, etc.

Queens Underground Show Postscript

I had to cut out early - I've been dealing with the flu and I needed to get to bed - but what I saw was at times entertaining. Some points: MAM's use of headgear will always be an issue. There's a reason no one, including the amateur leagues in New Jersey, uses headgear, and making MAM fighters wear them doesn't make these "exhibition bouts" any more legal in New York. Also, the officiating needs some work, but as unsanctioned underground shows go the promotion is chock full of potential and is giving a lot of traditional martial artists a taste of MMA, so kudos to them. As they don't want press there, Friday night's event will likely be the last event I cover. I do, however, wish them luck.