Wednesday, October 10, 2007

IFL Grand Prix Becomes Petit Prix

Contract renegotiations can be a real bitch, as the IFL found out recently when it came time to re-sign heavyweight star Ben Rothwell and light-heavyweight Mike Whitehead for the 2008 season. Apparently, this Monte Cox character is a tough customer in terms of managing fighters, and Rothwell and Whitehead did not sign on the dotted line at the appointed hour - prompting IFL head honcho Kurt Otto to go to "Plan B" and proclaim that he wouldn't let his November 3rd IFL Grand Prix event be held hostage. Mr. Otto, welcome to the business of mixed martial arts. With the loss of Rothwell and Whitehead, as well as the announcement that Andre Gusmao and Mark Miller are out with injuries, the much-anticipated Grand Prix has become more of a Petit Prix. Here's hoping the live one-hour broadcast goes off flawlessly.