Thursday, November 5, 2009

Predictions for Strikeforce Challengers' "Not Fedor! OMG, Not Fedor!"

Friday night brings us another edition of Strikeforce Challengers, this one headlined by OMG! NOT FEDOR! FEDOR IS SATURDAY NIGHT, PEOPLE! AHH! Ahem, anyway, here are some predictions.
  • Jorge Gurgel is going to defeat Billy Evangelista after a grueling three-round war. In his post-fight interview, the first question Gurgel is going to be asked if he thinks Fedor will win on Saturday night.
  • The second question will be something about Fedor's sweater.
  • Jesse Taylor will win despite being drunk.
  • Shane del Rosario is clearly not Fedor, but one time in social studies class del Rosario found Russia on the map. Expect Mauro Renallo to bring that up.
  • Are there other fighters on the card? I don't know. All I know is that none of them are FEDOR! OMG!