Monday, January 24, 2011

Forum on Legalization of MMA in New York Scheduled for Wednesday

Wednesday will bring us yet another gathering of minds on the topic of sanctioned MMA in this wondrous home state of ours.  Titled "Issues Surrounding the Legalization of Mixed Martial Arts in New York", the forum promises speakers of both the lawyer- and boxing promoter variety, and according to the release, "Panelists will discuss the legal and regulatory issues relating to the legalization of mixed martial arts in New York, as well as its potential economic impact if it were legalized."  I don't know how much new ground there is to cover on the matter, but a fresh perspective is always worthwhile.  Expect MMA Journalist to attend and provide the livebloggery.

Observations from My Couch: UFC Fight for the Troops 2 "Ultimate Metamorphosis"

    • So, uh, did no one tell Cole Miller he was allowed to fight back? 
    • Joey Beltran is great at taking and absorbing damage.  Unfortunately, that’s all he’s great at.
    • How is that from a TUF season that brought us Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson, Matt Mitrione ends up being the sole shining star?
    • Yves Edwards: real American hero.  (Even though he was born in the Bahamas.)
    • When Franz Kafka wrote “Metamorphosis”, he probably never envisioned his man-to-bug story being applied to a trio of MMA fighters, but Jesus, when did Matt Wiman, Mark Hominick and Melvin Guillard transform into such alpha predators?  Wiman walked right through Miller, Hominick toyed with George Roop before putting him away, and Guillard ate Evan Dunham for lunch.  Not too long ago these guys were in the cage getting smoked by Sam Stout, Rani Yahya and Joe Stevenson.  Folks, that right there is a metamorphosis like no other.