Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Shame in Second Place at ROC 17

On Friday, Brian McLauglin, Charlie Brenneman, Mike Massenzio and Ricardo Romero kicked ass and took home championship belts in each of their respective weight classes at the ROC 17: "Beasts of the Northeast" tournament. But something needs to be said about the men they beat to earn those top honors, something like, "Damn, Dave Sachs sure was tough." Or, "Jesus, Mark Berraciol took a lickin' yet kept coming back for more." For while there's usually no recognition for taking second place in an MMA bout, there's certainly no shame in it - especially when that competitor who came away defeated put up one hell of a fight. Sure, Lance Everson and John Doyle fell short, but they crushed everyone en route to that final bout. And Everson and Doyle, as well as Sachs and Berraciol, will most certainly be crushing people again when they return to the ring.