Sunday, April 5, 2009

Observations From My Couch: Bellator FC Week 1

  • I applaud Bellator FC's efforts to create a roster of Latino fighters, but damn, it must've sucked being one of the lone few white fighters on that card. Ben Greer and Greg Loughran probably got a broom closet as a locker room.
  • Toby Imada winning is like watching your hard-drinking Vietnam veteran uncle, who usually winds up passed out on some street corner, finally haul off a knock out some big teenager who's been bothering him for ages. Good for him.
  • Eddie, Eddie, Eddie... why do you insist on scaring us with these stray punches that end up stumbling you?
  • Was it me or did Nick Agallar's boxing footwork look more akin to a session of the arcade game "Dance Dance Revolution"? Dude, you knew you were facing a skilled striker, right?
  • Jorge Masvidal looked good, but was that his woman that was jumping up and down after he won? If so, holy mama!