Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Twinkie Addiction Sends WEC Champ into Rehab

WEC middleweight title holder Paulo Filho was forced to withdraw from his March 26th rematch against Chael Sonnen last week, with the Brazilian reportedly battling depression and substance abuse issues and checking himself into a rehabilitation center. Industry insiders have long speculated that the undefeated Filho suffered from an addiction to Twinkies - a rumor verified by his manager Ed Soares. "The Twinkie is one of America's best-known and most-loved snack cakes," said Soares. "Paulo has always had a difficult time resisting this golden sponge cake with creamy filling, but we're proud of him for stepping up and recognizing his problem." According to the official WEC website, some tomato can will now step in to face Sonnen.

Will BET's "Iron Ring" Finally Bring Street Cred to MMA?

Black Entertainment Television (BET) enters the MMA fray tonight with the debut of their "Iron Ring" reality show, a 13-episode series that follows six teams from the tryout process to their clashes at the finale. With each team led by such urban celebrities as boxer Floyd Mayweather and rappers Lil Jon, Nelly and Ludacris, and fighters competing for "props" and a trunk full of "bling", it's believed that Iron Ring will be to MMA what Tiger Woods was to golf: black in a white world. "I've previewed every episode and I can safely say that Iron Ring is chock full of action and excitement," said BET Vice President of Programming Robert Francis McElroy III. "We believe this show will finally give the sport the 'street cred' it so desperately needs." Added McElroy: "Um, word."