Sunday, February 1, 2009

Observations From My Couch: UFC 94

  • I'm not sure what was more impressive: Clay Guida defeating a very tough Nate Diaz, or Clay Guida managing to thank every training partner, sponsor and Zuffa employee he's ever come in contact with in the short time allotted for his post-fighting interview.
  • Was it me or was the last few minutes of the Karo Parisyan/Dong Hyun Kim bout nothing more than a judo match? I kept expecting the referee to shout out scores in Japanese like "Ippon!" or "Waza-ari!"
  • Jon "GrecoRoman Airlines" Jones. When you absolutely, positively have to fly somewhere immediately.
  • You know the Fates have conspired when every bout from the under card on up to the co-main event has gone to a decision and then Lyoto Machida of all people wins by first-round knockout.
  • Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn: a grim reminder as to why MMA has weight classes.