Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Note from Assemblyman Joseph Morelle

Assemblyman Joseph Morelle is the man in charge of getting the MMA bill through the Assembly, and although the bill was killed for this year's session, there's still next year - which means he's still our man.  Anywho, I sent him a copy of RAW COMBAT with a letter saying I'm willing to help any way I can.  Here's his response:

"I support the regulation of MMA in New York and the safety that will come with sanctioning the sport in our state.  Your work is further evidence of the need for this legislation - and my staff and I are using it as an important reference tool in our efforts.  Thanks again for your kindness and your good work."

So there you go.  And if in the future anyone harshes on the underground scene to you, saying that it hurt the sanctioning process, just kick them in the stomach, point them to this post, and tell them that it actually helped.