Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bag of Ice Fined and Suspended by Nevada State Athletic Commission for UFC 109 Debacle

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has fined and suspended the infamous UFC 109 bag of ice, which broke open and spilled its contents in-between rounds during the Melvin Guillard/Ronnys Torres bout – an act that delayed the resumption of the bout and required swift action by commission officials to clean up the resulting mess.  Citing provision NAC 467.7962, which lists as a foul “Interference by the corner”, NSAC Chief Heat Miser Keith Kizer stated that “if a bag of ice can’t hold itself together, and it instead gets in the way of the execution of an official bout, then it shouldn’t be licensed by the Commission.  End of story.”  Calls to the bag of ice for its reaction to the fine and suspension have gone unanswered.  Stay tuned for more as this story develops.