Monday, June 21, 2010

Observations from My Couch: "DVR 100% Full"

    • Other than wearing him like a blanket, Dan Hornbuckle had absolutely nothing for Ben Askren. 
    • Askren is going to get killed by Lyman Good.  I hope.
    • Note to fighters interested in getting in on a Bellator tournament: do not announce your intentions to participate in a tournament and then fight in a single-bout match as a tune-up.  You’re going to get killed.
    • Rich Attonito is clearly good.  Also, Jamie Yager is clearly sucky.
    • Dennis Siver looks like a poorly-constructed action figure.
    • Congrats to Aaron Simpson for earning the “Best Faceplant in an MMA Bout” award.  Seriously, he looked like he was a reject from the tryouts for “So You Think You Can Dance?”
    • Whoever let Matt Hamill compete with the gnarly staph sore on his back should be shot.  Hamill himself should be shot twice.
    • Good showing for Court McGee.  Did Kris McCray not know he had to prepare for a fight?
    • Will Campuzano needed that loss, as only a fighter with an unhealthy sense of self-worth would sport a haircut like that.
    • Oh my God, it took Chris Horodecki almost two and a half rounds to defeat someone with Down’s Syndrome.  Sad.  So sad.
    • How can you lose with a name like “Bendy”?  Via grappling, apparently.
    • Will “Bad Mofo” Kerr.
    • Josh Grispi is pure beast.  The sport’s 145-pound division is now the most exciting division in all of MMA.
    • Mark Hominick versus Yves Jabouin was a slobberknocker for sure.  I guess as long as Hominick doesn’t fight grapplers it’s all good in the ‘hood.
    • World Extreme Groinfighting.  Apologies to Jamie Varner’s nuts.
    • A majority draw?  How the hell did Kamal Shalorus not lose a point for that last kick to the junk?  Was referee Josh Rosenthal in on the fix?
    • Kenny Florian did a great job commentating for both the TUF Finale and the WEC.  That’s all I have to say on the matter.

MMA Mayhem Postscript

It was the first outdoor event I've been to since a 2001 King of the Cage at Soboba Casino, and despite a thin card it was pretty entertaining.  The home team went 5-1, with Chris Liguori, Jose Rodriguez and Adam Fearon racking up strong wins.  The decision in the Dante Rivera/Dan Cramer bout could've gone either way, but no way did Rivera take all three rounds.  Also, it was cool having people screaming on a rollercoaster in the background, although if a promoter plans a future show on the runway of an active airport or in the center of a racetrack, I will have to boycott the event.