Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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Thaigo Silva's UFC 125 Urine Sample Positive for Wampa DNA, Says Nevada Commission

This just in from the Department of Yuck: Thiago Silva's urine sample, taken immediately after his UFC 125 bout against Brandon Vera, has been determined to be of a "non-human source", according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  Said Chief Urination Supervisor Keith Kizer, "A post-fight analysis of Mr. Silva's urine sample was deemed inconsistent with human urine.  In fact, our laboratory technicians have determined that the DNA in the urine matches that of a Wampa, a large, carniverous creature indigenous to the Hoth system.  Which is amazing, actually, since Wampas aren't real."  It is anticipated that the NSAC will overturn the win Silva secured over Vera at UFC 125, changing it to a "no contest".  Furthers sanctions against the Brazilian are also expected.