Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crappy CFFC 16 Pics

CFFC 16 Postscript

Since I was shadowing NJSACB inspector Vincent Dudley all night (story on that to come), I missed the vast majority of the fights at last night's CFFC 16.  But here are some observations on what I did see.
  • Artur Rofi, who's on track to be the next big thing coming out of the Northeast, had his bout against Dan Cion scratched when Cion couldn't make weight.  And Cion couldn't just make weight - he failed to make the subsequent catchweight, and declined to weigh in even higher and keep his weight down the day of the fight.  Bum deal for Rofi.
  • Jonathan Helwig tapping out Jeremy Shifflett was cool.  Helwig and Shifflett hanging out afterwards, all smiles and friendliness, that was even cooler.
  • Chris Birchler had a grueling war against JA Dudley and took the decision, and then afterwards collapsed from exhaustion.  It took the EMTs a while to coax him onto the stretcher and get him some attention.  Dude.  Was.  Spent.
  • Evan Chmielski is made of iron.  He took a hellacious beating at the hands of the technically superior Bryan Lashomb, but there is zero quit in Chmielski, and if not for the ever-expanding balloon that his eye had turned into, he would've kept going until he was a zombie.
  • Chris Liguori was dominant and in control from beginning to end in his bout against Gert Kocani. 
  • I saw the Aljamain Sterling/Sedico Honorio fight on the TV in the locker room, and it looked like Sterling was reluctant to pull the trigger in the first round.  Then came Round 2, and just like when Jon Jones completely iced Lyoto Machida, Sterling out-slicked the jiu-jitsu master and finished him with a choke.  The entire locker room was impressed.
  • I was cageside for Sean Santella/Evan Velez, and I had Velez winning three rounds to two.  But I ain't no judge.  Am I right?
  • Dustin Jacoby was dangerous as fuck and did what he had to do to get the stoppage.  And once he landed the elbow that opened up the cut on Tim Williams' forehead, so commenced the bloodbath.  The stoppage was very necessary.