Monday, May 12, 2014

Observations From My Couch: UFC Fight Night 40


  • Albert Tumenov and Justin Salas' knockout victories were cool, but if it happens on the UFC Fight Pass portion of the card, does it even count as having happened?
  • Please, no more Manny Gamburyan. Please.
  • Johnny Eduardo had just one way to win his bout against Eddie Wineland, and like a fool, Wineland let him find it.

A Crazy Idea: What the UFC Needs to Do Get MMA Sanctioned in New York


If the 2014 tea leaves are being read correctly, once again the New York State Senate will approve their version of the MMA bill while the Assembly will do nothing and let theirs languish and die - a familiar turn of events that leaves us in the usual position of having tons of amateur shows to go to but nothing of the pro variety.

It doesn't take a keen political analyst to see that proponents of sanctioned MMA in New York have reached an impasse in the legislature, and that it's likely some radical course correction or change in tactic is required. But what should be done exactly? And what is the underlying problem preventing New York from joining every other state in sanctioning mixed martial arts?