Friday, February 25, 2011

A Collection of News Limericks

Okay, you know the drill: there’s news out there, and MMA Journalist is just not satisfied regurgitating it in plain-vanilla form.  So!  Limericks!  Enjoy!

  • There once was a UFC Down Under.
  • Why hold one there you may wonder?
    “Because there’s money to be made,”
    That’s what Dana White said.
    “Plus, holding this card in the States would be a blunder.”

  • Fedor wanted to compete in sambo.
  • “Oh no you can’t,” said Nick Lembo.
    “Your face just got pounded like veal –
    Give the damn thing time to heal.
    Besides, who do you think you are?  Rambo?”

  • Guess who failed once again to make weight?
  • I’ll give you a clue: he says “mate”.
    He is also a Brit
    And his best move is to hit.
    If you said “Paul Daley”, man, you’re great.

  • Josh Gross is a man on mission
  • So he calls each athletic commission.
    You should just sit back and relax
    As Josh gathers all the facts
    And discovers Strikeforce’s secret venue ambition.