Thursday, November 13, 2008

Allegations of Impropriety Tarnish Departing Armando Garcia's Reputation

With his impending deportation looming, departing California State Athletic Commission Grand Luchador Armando Garcia's reputation has suffered more than a few blows in recent days thanks to emerging allegations of impropriety. According to published reports, Garcia, who is being expelled from the country by the Immigration and Naturalization Service for being an illegal alien, was responsible for robbing a stagecoach outside of San Diego and forcing a subordinate to dance by shooting at the subordinate's feet with a pistol. "He is a bad man," said local villager Consuela Dominguez. "We call him 'El Diablo de la Comision Atletico'. Even the children are afraid of him." Garcia's last day with the CSAC will be November 18th.