Sunday, October 11, 2009

Observations From My Couch: WEC 43

  • What a war Ben Henderson and Don Cerrone had, eh? I had no problem with the judges' decision - Henderson took the first three rounds and Cerrone creamed him in the last two.
  • Scott Jorgensen is very disconcerting.
  • Rich Crunkilton dished it out to Dave Jansen. Whoever that judge was that scored it 30-27 in Jansen's favor not only smokes crack, but deals it from the passenger seat of their minivan.
  • No freakin' way did Yves Jabouin win a single round against Rafael Assuncao. Whoever that judge was that scored it 30-27 in Jabouin's favor not only shoots heroin, but scores it from that sketchy homeless dude who sleeps under the bridge in the park.
  • Who the hell is Mackens Semerzier and how the hell did he catch Wagnney Fabiano in a triangle choke?
  • Damacio Page pretty much ate Will Campuzano for dinner.