Monday, December 14, 2009

Upcoming Fight Show to Feature Some Fighting and Some Stuff

An upcoming fight show, scheduled for some cable channel or maybe pay-per-view or not, will feature some fighting and some stuff, according to a press release circulated by the promoter today. Some fighter you might have heard of, but possibly not, will be headlining, squaring off against so-and-so for the Blah-Blah-Blah championship belt. Plus, the undercard is stacked with, uh, whatever. You know. Said the promoter, "Oh yeah, it's going to be awesome. Those guys are killers and, er, they like to bang. So you should totally check it out." Stay tuned to MMA Journalist for more as this story develops.

Check Out Real Fighter Magazine This Month

Check out Real Fighter magazine this month.  There's a decent-sized article on NYC's Underground Combat League by Paul Wachter, and the accompanying photo spread by UCL staple Anil Melwani is so gritty, you might need a tetanus shot after you put the magazine down.

Obvservations From My Couch: UFC 107 "Out In The Streets They Call It Murder"

  • Apparently Paul Buentello needs American Kickboxing Academy for cardio.
  • Of all the fighters in the UFC, Clay Guida loses the best.
  • Dear God, please, no more Mike Pierce.
  • Has no one told Alan Belcher that white guys simply look foolish with cornrows?
  • Frank Julio Fontez Ebenezer "El Jefe" Mir. Ariba!
  • BJ Penn is without a doubt some kind of fighting deity, but I definitely think Gray Maynard, Frankie Edgar and Jim Miller can beat him. However, they have to coordinate it so they all attacking him at once, i.e., Maynard comes in low, Edgar comes in high and Miller blasts him with a shotgun. Otherwise, they're doomed.