Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things That Won't Happen at WEC 37

WEC 37: "Torres vs. Tapia" airs live on the "Versus" channel tonight, and the four-bout main card features eight fighters ranging in weight from 134 pounds to 146 pounds. Do you think those seven guys 145 pounds and under call the 146-pound fighter fat? Like, maybe when they're all at that restaurant inside the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and the 146 pounder orders a Caesar salad with grilled chicken, do you think they chant "Fatty-fatty, two-by-four, couldn't get through the bathroom door"? Ponder that. In the meantime, here's a list of things that won't happen at WEC 37:
  • To honor their Hispanic heritage, Joseph Benavidez and Danny Martinez will not partake in a siesta between rounds.
  • Alex Karalexis will not pause during his bout against Bart Palaszewksi to admire the Midwest fighter's collection of tattoos.
  • Regardless of whether they win or lose, fans will still have no idea who Brian Bowles and Will Ribeiro are after their bout.
  • Miguel Torres will prove once again that he is the best 135-pound fighter in the world, and whenever he's shown on camera at a Zuffa event, casual MMA fans around the globe will still not applaud.

Matt Wiman Destined to Lose to a New Jersey Fighter on December 10th One Way or Another

Matt Wiman, who was slated to face Toms River native Frankie Edgar at the UFC's December 10th "Fight for the Troops" event on SpikeTV until Edgar suffered a training injury, will now face Whippany-based Jim Miller - a fighter who, like Edgar, dominated the East Coast rankings before graduating to the Octagon. The change of opponents proves that fate has designs on Wiman's future, and those designs include losing to a New Jersey fighter one way or another. Said Wiman, who hails from Oklahoma but has reportedly visited the Garden State to hide bodies and dump his garbage, "Jeez, what did I do to deserve this?"

TUF Viewing Party with Phillipe Nover

Once again another season of "The Ultimate Fighter" draws to a close, and once again TUF 8 competitor and rising star Phillipe Nover is having a viewing party. Details can be found at Phillipe's blog here - . The last one was a blast. Everyone at the Aviation Recreation Center sports bar went bananas when Phillipe was shown eating urine-soaked fruit in that episode, and tonight's episode promises more TUF house shenanigans plus the first-ever decapitation in the Octagon. Wahoo!