Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's a WEC This Saturday. No, Really, There Is.

Believe or not, there's a WEC this Saturday. No, really, there is. Surprising, huh? Donald Cerrone and Ben Henderson are headlining, with the winner earning himself an interim lightweight championship belt, and the undercard features such world-renown superstars as Rich Crunkilton, Damacio Page and Rafael Assuncao - names so big most fans shudder at their mere utterance. Wait, what's that? What does any of this have to do with Kimbo Slice's pre-recorded bout from three months ago or Chuck Liddell doing the tango like a spaz? Absolutely nothing... which is probably why the Zuffa-owned promotion has gotten zero push and less than zero media attention. And that just begs the question: why bother? Why bother having this lackluster event when not even Youngstown, Ohio cared enough to by a single ticket when it was supposed to happen there? And why bother having someone other the organization's "big" names (like Urijah Faber, Mike Brown or even Jens Pulver) fight when no one outside of the hardcore fan would even know who Cerrone and Henderson are? I honestly don't know, but if you have an answer, email it to mma_journalist@yahoo.com . Enquiring minds want to know.