Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New York Amateur MMA: The Importance of Reporting Fight Results


For years, fighters who've fought in New York have had a hard time doing the same in New Jersey, with would-be competitors having to get the full range of medical screening normally reserved for pros. This is done for the obvious reasons, and until the law in New York is amended, things probably won't change.

But one important component of the New York amateur MMA machine that can be fixed is something that's wholly in the power of the promoters. According to Nick Lembo of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, the reporting of official fight results is something that's making the engine sputter.

Another Poster for Golden MMA Championships' Upcoming Show


UFC Fight Night 45 Primer: Jim Miller Up Close


Jim Miller is headlining UFC Fight Night 45 opposite Donald Cerrone. Jim Miller is also awesome. So in advance preparation for the July 16 event in Atlantic City, N.J., here's some footage from an open workout Jim did with his brother Dan in the week leading up to UFC 159 last year. 

Yes, they're on mats set up inside a Modell's Sporting Goods store in Midtown Manhattan. Where else would you like them to be?