Monday, April 21, 2008

Haselrig Defeats Ott Amid Controversy

Ex-NFL player Carlton Haselrig defeated IFL veteran Shane Ott at BCX 4 on Saturday night in Atlantic City, with Haselrig pounding out an impressive TKO win in only his first MMA fight. But the victory wasn't without controversy, as the former Pittsburgh Steeler was permitted to wear a football helmet and shoulder pads in the cage - something which may have given him an unfair advantage. "We're looking into it," said an official with the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. "If we find that Haselrig's hard plastic helmet with facemask and full shoulder pads did in fact give him a competitive edge, appropriate action will be taken." No word yet on what that action may be, although it would likely mean the bout would be ruled a "no contest" and Haselrig would have to take back his touchdown victory dance.