Monday, January 4, 2010

Observations From My Couch: UFC 108 "Ultimate Irrelevance"

    • I don’t know what they call what Martin Kampmann did to Jacob Volkmann back in Denmark, but here they call that “rape”.
    • Cole Miller only wishes he were Toby Imada.
    • Okay, great, Mark Munoz won.  Now why should I care?
    • Jake Ellenberger: when you absolutely, positively have to have someone’s faced caved in overnight.
    • Yeah, Junior dos Santos defeated a heavyweight ten years past his prime.  Does that earn him a title shot now?  Probably!
    • I don’t know who that Sam Stout was who trounced Joe Lauzon, but he totally kicks the old Sam Stout’s ass.  We need to see more of him.
    • I was worried that with all the injured opponents, Jim Miller would ultimately have to face a grappling dummy in the cage.  But thankfully, he got Duane Ludwig instead, who is just as capable as said dummy.
    • Paul Daley looked like a beast in there.  Now match him up against someone who knows how to strike.
    • Rashad Evans defeated Thiago Silva, a turn of events that rocked the very foundation of the 205-pound weight class.  Okay, not really.