Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amir Sadollah Injures Self to Avoid Facing Nick Catone at UFC 91

Middleweight TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah's bout against ROC champ Nick Catone, which was slated for the main card of Saturday's UFC 91, has now been cancelled according to the UFC website. The reason behind the last-minute cancellation is a self-inflicted leg injury, which was sustained when Sadollah purposely jumped into the path of a charging ram. Said Sadollah's trainer Dirk Frankenbaum: "I don't understand it. The training camp was great, everything was great. Then last night we showed Amir some footage of Catone's fights, and Amir ran out back and met up with that ram." Added Frankenbaum, "I guess Amir really didn't want to fight him." The preliminary match-up between Tamdan McCrory and Dustin Hazelett will now be moved up to the pay-per-view broadcast.

MMA Journalist Exclusive: Brock Lesnar Admits to Abusing Leprechauns in Imaginary Interview

In an exclusive imaginary interview with MMA Journalist, Brock Lesnar, who squares off against heavyweight champ Randy Couture this weekend at UFC 91, has revealed that he is an abuser of leprechauns. The former WWE wrestler, who earned his shot at the UFC title with a mere 2-1 fight record, describes a darker aspect of himself that most fans probably don't know - an aspect that fans maybe don't want to know. Here's an excerpt from that shocking imaginary interview:
  • Mr. Lesnar, you've accomplished a lot in the world of wrestling, and on Saturday you're facing a legend in the sport of MMA, so you definitely have a lot to be proud of. Is there anything about you you're not proud of? Well, there is, actually. All my life I've hated leprechauns.
  • Leprechauns? Yeah. You know, those little Irish fellas who guard pots of gold at the end of rainbows? I hate 'em. Always have.
  • I see. And have you ever acted on this hatred? Yeah, I have. I mean, well, some might say I've abused them.
  • Abused? How so? Well, at first it was all verbal. Like, whenever I'd see them I'd put them down... make fun of their pointy shoes, things like that. But as time went by, I'd walk by and kick over their pots of gold. And lately, I've just been tackling them. They hate that. They hate getting their clothes messed up.
  • That's very interesting. And where do you think this hatred stems from? I don't know, man. I just hate 'em.
  • Okay. Are you at all worried that revealing this... behavior might adversely affect your fans' opinions of you? I don't know. I guess. But it's something I have to get off my chest. I mean, fans know me as this big hulk of guy who doesn't even remotely deserve a shot at the UFC belt - but really, I'm much more complex than that.
  • Wow. Well, thanks for your time, Brock. No, thank you.