Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bigfoot Flees US to Go Where Monsters Are Appreciated

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, the only heavyweight champ EliteXC crowned and the recipient of a healthy suspension by the California State Athletic Commission for being a steroidal monster, has fled the United States to compete in Japan's January 4th Sengoku event. The American Top Team fighter's exodus is not unprecedented. Japan, with its accepting culture, has traditionally been home to many monsters, monsters such as Godzilla, the giant turtle Gamera and Bob Sapp. Bigfoot, well-known for his appetite for food and designer footware, will no doubt have more opportunities to compete and earn mone. The downside, however, is that, as he's ignoring his CSAC suspension and fighting overseas, he will have a rough time getting licensed again Stateside. Only time will tell if Bigfoot's decision to flee is the right one.