Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The UFC Really, Really, Really, Really Wants Brock Lesnar to Be Champ

During yesterday's UFC-hosted conference call announcing Randy Couture's return to the organization, High Exalted One Dana White announced a November 15th match-up between the fighting legend and relative MMA newcomer Brock Lesnar for Couture's heavyweight belt (with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's interim title apparently worth as much as a cheesy paperweight bought at a retired postal worker's yard sale). The message here is clear: the UFC really, really, really, really wants Lesnar to be champ. No, like REALLY wants him to be champ. Nevermind that he was 1-0 before entering the UFC, that he lost to Frank Mir in his Octagon debut, and that he only had to defeat Heath Herring to earn his shot at the belt - the "Superbowl of Mixed Martial Arts" wants Lesnar to have every possibly opportunity to be their star heavyweight. And regardless of how many other more-skilled, experienced and worthy contenders there are, you must not question it.

Chuck Liddell Hopes to... No, No, I Can't Do It

What the heck is the deal with all the lame article titles nowadays? Has the creative well run dry in the world of MMA sportswriting? A brief glance at the main pages of a few top newsites yields such gems as "Fighter Ready for Other Fighter", "Dude Ready for Dude", "So and So Looking to Win at UFC Whatever", and my personal favorite, "Ridiculously Obvious Statement as Title". Is this what it has come to? Or are the regular staff writers on vacation and the interns in charge at the office? Someone, please fix this. Jake Rossen over at does a fine job cranking out some thoughtful pieces, but when it comes to thinking up titles he's king. The same with Josh Gross over at Sports Illustrated. Is it too much to ask that everyone else at least pretend to give a crap?