Friday, June 3, 2011

Will It Happen or Not?

Will the MMA bill get done this year or will it fizzle out as usual?  That is the big question.  Justin Klein's got a solid update over on his blog ( - the gist of which is a big fat "maybe", with bill sponsor Assemblyman Steve Englebright trying to manage expectations.  From what I've heard in off-the-record conversations, there's about a 60% chance it happens.  It can roll through the three must-do committees quickly, and there should be enough votes if it makes it to the floor.  The big roadblock is Assembly honcho Sheldon Silver, and whether or not he's inclined to give the bill its chance.  The clock is ticking on the session, though, so if you pray to Crom, now would be a good time to mention to him how cool it would be to crush enemies in sanctioned MMA in New York.