Thursday, March 6, 2014

UFC 170 Highlights: Now With More Drama


Nothing says "drama" like slow-motion replays dubbed with orchestral music that begins with ghostly wailing - which is what the below UFC 170 highlight video contains. Seriously, watch this thing and tell me it doesn't remind you of about a million over-produced NFL videos that play in constant loops on Sundays during football season. I feel like it's almost a religious statement or something.

Jesse McBroom - Long Island's No-Nonsense Scrapper


For some, stepping into the cage against a tough opponent is an almost insurmountable task that requires the kind of guts and ability that can only be mustered with weeks of preparation.

Jesse McBroom scoffs at that notion. 

For him, it's all about just getting in there and throwing down - which is what he intends to do on March 15, when he squares off against the New York Fight Exchange's welterweight champ Jerome Mickle at NYFE's "Ides of March" show. Jesse, who, alongside Bobby Campbell, runs a fight school in Copiague on Long Island, is taking the fight on 10 days notice. That's a testament to both his confidence and the depth of his combative sports resume.