Monday, June 8, 2009

Observations From My Couch: Strikeforce's "Lawler vs. Shields"

  • Kevin Randleman: another aging fighter refusing to go out quietly and gracefully. "The Monster" is no longer scary.
  • I hate that Phil Baroni has gone from being the guy that can dish out a beating to the guy known for being able to take one.
  • Who was that version of Joe Riggs and why didn't we see him in the UFC?
  • And who the hell is this Nick Diaz? That dude is making it look easy!
  • It sucks that Andrei Arlovski had to lose, but now we've got another world-class heavyweight knockout artist to get excited over. Brett Rogers in the hizzouz.
  • Well, well, well. I guess Jake Shields is for real.

Damn Underground Shows - They'll Ruin It For Us All!

Hey, look at that. The Daily News quoted me.