Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bellator 31/WEC 51 Preview Mash-Up

Tomorrow night is a big night for MMA fans, as Bellator 31 and WEC 51 both air almost simultaneously on premium cable television (hooray for DVR!).  Unfortunately, due to a server crash and an IT department full of drunks and stoners, the press releases MMA Journalist usually gets by email are now a jumbled mess of data.  But fear not, for I will attempt to cull through what’s been recovered, sifting out the spam (Mark Hominick will help me last longer in bed?  Really?) and other nonsense to give you a preview of the bouts from both events.  So here goes…

  • Jose Aldo vs. Zoila Frausto – He’s a deadly Muay Thai specialist with a history of destroying his opponents, but WEC featherweight champ Jose Aldo may have met his match in Zoila Frausto.  First of all, Frausto is a dangerous striker as well.  Second, Frausto’s natural weight is much greater than what Aldo walks around at, so she should have a definite size advantage.
  • Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Mr. Abidi Kawanee, Prince of Nigeria – A five-time veteran of the UFC and product of Shooto and Cage Force, Yoshiyuki Yoshida is tough as nails and skilled as the day is long.  He should have little trouble with Mr. Abidi Kawanee, who, although a prince in Nigeria, is having financial troubles and needs someone to deposit his $50,000 USD check into their bank account (you can keep $10,000 of it).
  • Megumi Fuji vs. Manny Gamburyan – Megumi Fuji is considered one of the best female fighters in the world, as evidenced by her unblemished 21-0 record.  Manny Gamburyan is a dude.  Seriously, these two should not be fighting each other at all.  I think this is one of those Title IX things where WEC matchmaker Sean Shelby is being forced to give women the same opportunities as men or something.
  • Chan Sung Jung vs. Earn Your Degree Online with University of Phoenix – Chan Sung Jung, a.k.a. “the Korean Zombie”, put on one hell of a performance against Leonard Garcia in his WEC debut.  If he can push the pace like he did last time, he should have no problem with University of Phoenix, which offers a variety of associates degrees in such fields as TV/VCR repair, Baking and Criminal Justice.
  • Jamie Varner vs. Donald Cerrone – Ugh, again?