Friday, July 20, 2012

Rest in Peace Sherman Pendergarst

The sport has lost another warrior.  Sherman Pendergarst, who started off in the local East Coast scene before joining the Miletich crew out in Iowa, has died after a long, tough battle with cancer.  Pendergarst was 46. 

With a career that saw him fight in the UFC and Bellator and all points in between, "The Tank" was the kind of fighter who'd stand and bang with anyone.  And though he didn't always come out of it on top, he definitely threw down.  His fast and furious fisticuff with Jon Murphy at Extreme Challenge 75 was two minutes of sixteen seconds of pure excitement that brought the best out of Murphy, and when he put Glen Sandull away with a first-round knockout at Sportfighting, the crowd went nuts.  Regardless of how many losses he accumulated, especially towards the twilight of his time in the cage, he was someone you could count on for action.

Rest in peace, Sherman Pendergarst.  You will be missed.