Monday, May 17, 2010

Observations from My Couch: Strikeforce's "Horse Meat Surprise"

  • Much props to Antwain Britt for going down swinging. That could just as easily have been Rafael Cavalcante on the canvas, the Brazilian just landed cleanly first.
  • Thank God Roger Gracie came away looking nothing like Rolles. Thank God.
  • I was rooting for Joey Villasenor to make the comeback, but it's just as well that Jacare got the win. If Villasenor were to ever get the belt, he'd lose it immediately to the next challenger. Jacare has a chance of holding on to it.
  • Watching the great Andrei Arlovski fight like that gives me a sad.
  • How many horses died to help transform the Alistair Overeem who lost to Chuck Liddell in Pride to the monster that wrecked Brett Rogers on Saturday night?

UCC 2 Postscript

Another solid installment by the pro MMA show that's somewhat convenient to New York City. Dante Rivera looked like a fighter who's competed at the highest levels, whereas Ryan Contaldi looked like a fish out of water. John Cholish has got the tools, and against Hitalo Machado he showed he's got the heart, as he was getting the worst of it on the feet until he started landing that low-kick. He's definitely one to watch. And I don't know if Josh Rave plans on fighting locally some more, but in two Northeast bouts he's proven to be one of the best 125-135 pounders around.