Monday, December 7, 2009

Dan Henderson Officially Signs with Strikeforce; Dana White Officially Declares Him a Has-Been

Dan Henderson, a top-level competitor and famous for simultaneously holding two belts in Pride, signed with Strikeforce today, ending weeks of speculation as to what Dana White thinks about the now former UFC fighter.  "Dan signed with them?" said White.  "Really?  Well, in that case, he sucks.  The man is a has-been and not worthy of the UFC.  I mean, when he was a part of our roster, he was a serious badass.  But not now.  No way."  Henderson's most recent win was a crushing knockout of Michael Bisping at UFC 100, the culmination of a TUF 9 season that saw the American and the Brit act as opposing coaches.  No word yet on Henderson's first opponent in Strikeforce, although it's safe to say White will say that he sucks too.