Thursday, October 11, 2007

Couture to UFC: "Don't Tase Me, Bro."

Randy Couture, legendary competitor and current UFC heavweight champ, announced today that he is resigning from the promotion - a move that includes giving up his title, his gig as a commentator, and foregoing the last two bouts on his contract. It's a turn of events that comes as a shock to fans worldwide, and coupled with the news that the highly sought-after Pride champ Fedor Emeliankenko signed with M-1 and not the UFC, it's undoubtedly a blow to the uber-popular MMA organization. However, Couture's departure is neither unprecedented, nor entirely unexpected. In 1998, he left the organization (then owned by SEG, not Zuffa) over a contract dispute, returning to the Octagon in 2000, and he retired briefly in 2006 only to return in 2007. Also, at a recent press conference, Couture attempted to ask UFC president Dana White a question, but was assaulted by security guards wielding tasers. Besides acting and coaching, what's next for Couture? Where does this leave the UFC and how will they fill their now-vacant heavyweight champion slot? Sadly, for fans of the athlete and the promotion, only time will tell.