Friday, October 9, 2009

This Week In Surprising News Headlines

Lots of news this week and most of it was surprising, so MMA Journalist has compiled a list of recent headlines - and added comments!
  1. "Junie Browning Flips Out, Tries to OD on Drugs and Assaults Hospital Staff" - No way! I never saw this coming. I mean, he seemed like such a stable guy and not white trash at all.
  2. "Junie Browning Fired By UFC" - What? Since when is substance abuse, arrest, mental instability and a violent rampage worthy of UFC termination?
  3. "Mark Coleman Injures Knee, Bows Out of UFC 106" - The aged wrestler Mark Coleman hurt his knee in training? Unpossible!
  4. "Japanese Ref Helps Japanese Fighter Win Japanese Event" - Say what? A Japanese organization not on the up-and-up? That's crazy talk.
  5. "Gina Carano to Appear Topless in Magazine" - Never in a million years would I have predicted this one. Never in a million years.
  6. "Urijah Faber Signs Multi-Fight Contract with Zuffa" - Pfft. Why on Earth would they want to keep the WEC's most popular fighter on the payroll? That makes no sense.
  7. "TUF Ratings Down Now That Kimbo Has Fought" - Really? That can't be. The strength of the show's concept and the magnetism of the remaining competitors should be more than enough to keep viewers coming back for more. Seriously. More than enough.

Predictions for WEC 43: "Does Anyone Really Care?"

Does anyone really care about the WEC scheduled for this Saturday night? I mean, other than the close friends and family of main event fighters Donald Cerrone and Ben Henderson (who no doubt were comped their tickets and will be given a special plastic wristband that allows them to eat from the crew's buffet), is anyone really excited for it? I've set my DVR to record it, but when I pressed the buttons on my remote, my TV asked "Are you serious? Why?" Anyway, predictions!
  • Cerrone is going to out-strike Henderson on the feet with his keen Muay Thai and take advantage of him when it hits the ground. But midway through Round 2 the duo is going to pause, look around at the AT&T Center and realize the vast majority of the audience is preoccupied with their IPhones and BlackBerries. That's when Cerrone and Henderson will shake their heads, say "Screw this", and walk out.
  • Dave Jansen is going to control Rich Crunkilton with superior grappling and work to secure a submission. When Crunkilton finally taps out, Jansen will rise, stick his hands in the air and exclaim "Yes!" The lifeless venue will echo with the sound of crickets.
  • Rafael Assuncao will get Yves Jabouin down and begin to work his jiu-jitsu magic. The referee will halt the action temporarily when a lonely tumbleweed makes its way into the cage.
  • Will Campuzano will lose to Damacio Page. But no one will ever know, because no one will have watched it.