Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nogueira and Mir Announced as Coaches for Most Unwatched Season of TUF Ever

The UFC has tapped interim heavyweight champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and former champ Frank Mir to be coaches for the upcoming eighth season of "The Ultimate Fighter" - a season that promises to be SpikeTV's most unwatched ever. Aside from their world-class grappling and top-level competition experience, each coach brings something new to the table: Nogueira an outstanding command of the English language and Mir some kickass motorcycling skills. Expect SpikeTV producers to exploit both those traits in an effort to attract viewers.

IFL to Rely on Gypsy Magic to Save Themselves

As rumors of the IFL's demise flew last week, the ailing organization announced that they'll now rely on dark gypsy magic to lure fans. Dubbed "The Hex", the new initiative will allegedly put a curse on all who choose to watch TUF, Strikeforce or the Iron Ring over the IFL's weekly FSN episodes. Said IFL High Priest Jay Larkin, "Hey man, at this stage we're willing to try anything."