Thursday, August 19, 2010

Observations from My Couch: WEC 50 "Attack of the Munchkins"

    • Bart Palaszewski scored a great, crowd-pleasing win against Zach Micklewright, but the victory did little to allay the underlying tragedy of the bout.  The tragedy that was his hairstyle.
    • Yes, Stephan Bonnar and Todd Harris.  We get it.  Brad Pickett is like a Pikey from “Snatch”.  Please move on.
    • Scott Jorgensen and Pickett sure did have a decent stand-up scrap.  It’s always a breathe of fresh air when fighters actually exhibit some striking skill and bob and weave and feint before plastering each other in the mug.
    • I am wholly unmoved by Chad Mendes’s dry-humping.  Still, he got the job done, and Cub Swanson had nothing for him.
    • Shane Roller was impressive.  Anthony Pettis was impressiver.  How about that late triangle, eh?  The WEC’s lightweight division might be like watching toddlers splash around in a shallow pool, but at least there are a couple cute kids worth paying attention to.
    • One day someone is going to figure out that the secret to Dominick Cruz’s fighting method is mixing Irish Stepdancing (“Riverdance”) with the disco “Hustle”.  Then he’ll be screwed.
    • Oh how I miss the days when a WEC bantamweight champ won in decisive and dominant fashion.  Where for art thou, Miguel Torres?