Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brock Lesnar Revealed to be "The Juggernaut" and Promptly Arrested; UFC 100 Bout in Jeopardy

Heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar, whose massive frame was set to grace the Octagon on Saturday night to face interim champ Frank Mir, has been revealed to be "The Juggernaut", a notorious criminal wanted for an assortment of bank robberies and the wanton destruction of millions of dollars in property. The revelation - a shock to those within the MMA community - has since led to Lesnar's arrest by Las Vegas authorities. This has left the Lesnar/Mir UFC 100 match-up in jeopardy, and leaves Zuffa brass in the awkward position of having to post bail or else lose their main event. As the Juggernaut, Lesnar has clashed with the outlaw band of mutants the X-Men a number of times, and has even faced off against the Incredible Hulk, with his invulnerability and seemingly limitless strength making him an extremely difficult villian to battle against. When detained by the Las Vegas Police Department and asked to identify himself, Lesnar's response purportedly was a curt "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch". Stay tuned for more as this story develops.