Wednesday, September 12, 2007

UFC 75 on SpikeTV Most Watched Show on Floor of My Apartment Building

UFC 75, which featured UFC champ Quinton Jackson squaring off against Pride champ Dan Henderson on a tape-delayed show airing on SpikeTV, was the most-watched television program on the floor of my apartment building on Saturday night, according to David Schwartz of SpikeTV. The UK-based event was viewed in four out of seven apartments, which included the gay man in 4L, the Turkish student in 4K, and the Asian couple in 4M. For the eagerly-anticipated main event, even the elderly woman in 4H tuned in (although it's unclear if she actually knew what she was watching). Said UFC president Dana White: "Not only did UFC 75 showcase the bout that unified the 205-pound Pride and UFC titles... wait, do you want to be a fucking fighter?"