Monday, October 27, 2008

What The Hell Are You Thinking?

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TUF Viewing Party with Phillipe Nover

TUF 8 competitor and all-around killer Phillipe Nover will be holding an episode eight viewing party on November 5th. Obviously, Nover fights on that episode. The Aviator Sports and Recreation Center in Brooklyn is the location (just south of the Belt Parkway), and the festivities begin at 8pm. Check out for more details.

Dan Miller Upholds Proud Family Tradition of Winning in the Octagon

Dan Miller - IFL middleweight champ, ace grappler and older brother of lightweight badass Jim Miller - was successful in upholding his family's proud tradition of winning in the Octagon, scoring a unanimous decision victory over Matt Horwich at UFC 90 this past Saturday. Thanks to some tough genes and a solid work ethic, the tradition, which began when Grand Pappy Miller defeated Zulu in a 1936 UFC bout, has held strong for three generations. And if the Millers have their way it will continue for generations to come. Said former babysitter Alissa Handerson, "Yeah, the Millers... they're tough. Rowdy, but very, very tough."