Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nine Reasons to Care About CFFC 10

The Cage Fury Fighting Championship’s tenth installment is this Saturday at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, and if you’re a fan of Northeast MMA, young fighters with promising futures, bloodshed and the very real possibility of seeing an arm break, then this is the event for you!  But what’s that you say?  You say you need more concrete reasons to give a darn?  Well, here are nine specific reasons attesting to the need for you care about CFFC 10.  Enjoy!

  • Joey Rivera – He can take a beating and he knows how to slap on a triangle choke, and because of that, Rivera is CFFC’s welterweight champ.  Now watch him defend it.
  • Al Buck – “Old school South Jersey tough”.  Yes, that’s a thing.  And Buck is it.
  • Mike Medrano – Medrano has forgotten more about hardcore scraps than most people will ever know.  That’s partially due to his crushing knockout at the hands of Joe Aviles, but some of the forgetfulness is due to age and natural attrition.  Still a tough and dangerous fighter, though.
  • Eddie Fyvie – Fyvie is so skilled and well-rounded, he could strike, grapple, do calligraphy and sing opera all in the same bout if he had to.
  • Artur Rofi – The aforementioned arm break is likely going to come from this guy, who mixes fast and aggressive jiu-jitsu with unbridled rage.  Really, I think Rofi just needs a hug.
  • Ozzy Dugulubgov – One.  Intense.  Dude.
  • Aljamain Sterling – Okay, Sterling may have squeaked by Claudio Ledesma at a recent ROC, but that feat alone is at least some indication that Sterling has got skills.  And promise.  Anyone that doesn’t get smoked by Ledesma has to be at least somewhat badass.
  • Anthony Dagostino – “Old man dies kicking younger dudes’ butts.”  That’s what the headline is going to read someday, because a) Dagostino is like 63-years old, b) yet remarkably jacked for his age, and c) still capable of kicking butt.
  • Lennox Chance – Chance is an accomplished ace kickboxing slowly transitioning to MMA, so that means for his next dozen fights we get to see opponents desperately try to get him to the ground whilst avoiding getting clobbered on the feet.  Woot.