Monday, May 19, 2014

It Doesn't Sound Like MMA is Getting Done in the Assembly This Year


If you pinned your hopes on sanctioned MMA in New York courtesy of a brand-spanking new law this year, prepare to have your hopes dashed. The New York Daily News is reporting that the man in charge of legislative traffic - Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver - might be putting the issue off for another year.

Said the News:

Yours Truly Was on Yesterday's "The MMA Word" Podcast - Check it Out


I was on Mike Wellman's "The MMA Word" podcast yesterday, rapping about New York MMA and what's going on up in Albany with the MMA bills. Check it for the info, check it out for the insight, check it out just to hear my dulcet tones emanating from your speakers. Just check it out.

Would MMA Lose a Floor Vote in the Assembly?


An editorial in the Albany Times-Union today is calling for the State Assembly to allow the MMA bill to the floor for a vote, with the presumption that it will lose such a vote if it were to happen.

Given the amount of support the sport has by both the Democrats and the Republicans, it's long been asserted that if the Assembly's MMA bill were to finally escape committee it wouldn't be long before it was made into law. Suggesting otherwise kind of flies in the face of basic math and logic...