Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Collection of News Haiku

Japan.  The Land of the Rising Sun.  A society steeped in rich culture, a deep sense of budo, weird food and anime fraught with odd sex.  But Japan’s most enduring contribution to the world is the haiku, a terse form of poetry that consists of a five-seven-five pattern of syllables.  It is in this way that MMA Journalist will bring you the news today (next week: iambic pentameter!).

    • An old car, broken/ down, needs lots of work.  Such is/ the great Nogueira.
    • CroCop will step in/ to face Frank Mir.  Hooray for/ fighters past their prime!
    • DREAM still hasn’t paid/ Bibiano Fernandes?/  Bad way to treat champ.
    • Shane Carwin named in/ steroid case.  Steroids? No way! /  That’s a big surprise.
    • Jens Pulver lost to/ some scrub this past weekend.  It/ don’t get no sadder.
    • Tomorrow is a/ WEC and there’s no heat./  They need the Zombie!