Friday, February 28, 2014

Into the Tigers' Den: A Tour of TSMMA's Manhattan School


The path Northeast MMA has taken since the late 90s is a winding one, with each curve and bend in the road shaping fighters and gyms alike. Where once there were boutique schools teaching jiu-jitsu on matted basement floors, there are now great windowed storefronts revealing a sea of white and blue kimonos. Tae Kwon Do schools have half-cages set up. And in academies where a cotton gi was the standard uniform, now it's all about fight shorts and rashguards. This is evolution in action, a kind of trickle-down economics in which the UFC sets the pace and tone and everyone in the industry below adapts or dies.

But evolution is a reactionary thing, and some are much faster in reacting than others. For those who saw the writing on the wall the minute Royce Gracie choked out Ken Shamrock, change was just the acceptance of what would soon be the new reality of martial arts - and the teaching of martial arts.

That's where the Tiger Schulmann Mixed Martial Arts organization comes in.

Association of Boxing Commission's Won't Ban TRT/TUEs... Yet


The Association of Boxing Commissions is pretty much what it sounds like - a group of representatives from a multitude of boxing- and athletic commissions throughout the country who oversee combat sports. In their role as "big issue think tank", they've addressed possible changes to the Unified Rules, as well as reached out to government entities to alert them of potential problems with their oversight (or lack thereof) of particular aspects of mixed martial arts.

So what's their take on Nevada's banning of TRT/TUEs? Well, they're going to look into the matter further, but as of right now, they're sticking to their policy of strict exemption standards. Here's ABC president Tim Luekenhoff's official response:

The NJSACB's Response to Nevada's TRT/TUE Ban


Earlier today the Nevada State Athletic Commission took the unprecedented step of banning all testosterone usage exemptions, thereby slaying the dragon of sanctioned TRT for MMA fighters seeking licenses in that state. Since New Jersey has long been considered to be one of the top jurisdictions in the nation when it comes to regulatory oversight of the sport, The MMA Journalist reached out to Nick Lembo of the NJSACB to see where the Garden State now stands in light of these recent dramatic developments.

Mr. Lembo's response:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Good Reason to Watch TUF Brazil


There was a point in recent years when my interest in The Ultimate Fighter was superseded by the number of TUF installments, and the waters were further muddied by all these international versions of the show. But this upcoming season of TUF Brazil... this one might be cool.

March 9 on UFC Fight Pass, folks.

Bellator Flashback: Nick Pace Almost Kills a Man


The tenth season of Bellator MMA starts tonight with Bellator 110 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and though I won't be there in person, you can bet I'll be watching all the action on SpikeTV.

To get you motivated to tune in, here's a highlight vid featuring New York-based fighter Nick Pace practically murdering someone back at Bellator 11. This particular card also had Lyman Good, Uriah Hall, Jimmie Rivera and Dave Branch all racking up wins, so it was a pretty good time for the home team.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Like" The MMA Journalist on Facebook

Because all I've ever wanted was to be liked.

Link to "The MMA Journalist" Facebook page.

A Look at the New York Fight Exchange's Upcoming Card


The New York Fight Exchange's second event is set for March 15 at Club Amazura in Jamaica, Queens, and they posted the card - which looks pretty badass - over at Tapology. Here's how it stands two and a half weeks out (and note that champ Jerome Mickle's title defense isn't on there for some reason - not sure why):

Featherweight Championship

  • Rob Scotti vs. Felipe Carlos
Main Card
  • Fady Medani vs. Romeo Valdez
  • Wade Werosta vs. Ken Sweeney
  • Pedro Villa vs. William Joya
  • Elija Punzone vs. Eric D'Arce
  • Nick Olson vs. Omowale Adewale
  • Mike Kuhn vs. Brandon Baez
  • Karim Ibrahim vs. Uniah Banks
  • Alfred Jones vs. Rich Pabon
  • Eric Olson vs. Levy Reyes
  • Rashad Clarke vs. Constanine Gremales
  • Robert Diggle vs. Antonio Quinones
  • Israel Martinez vs. Ahmed Aboras
  • Rick Schaffer vs. Juan Rosario
  • Kenny Sweeney vs. Matt Shamloo

Ithaca Journal Not Willing to Bet on MMA in New York This Year


According to the Ithaca Journal, the road ahead is still pretty foggy when it comes to the future of MMA in the state. But in the article they posted on Monday, they did a good job of getting quotes from the sport's detractors.

Here's one women's group chiming in:
“We will continue to be opposed to this and do everything we can to make sure that New York state doesn’t make this a legal event,” said Zenaida Mendez, president of the state chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

7 Days in NYC: Monday - 2.24.14


To an outsider, it must be confusing. Professional iterations of the sport are banned here, but still the UFC comes, holding press luncheons, excursions and photo ops. The reasons for that are pretty obvious - regardless of New York State's stance on MMA, New York City is the center of the media universe, and depending on how the battle to get sanctioning here plays out, it can be one of the most fertile and verdant landscapes for MMA in the country.

It's Monday, Day Seven of 7 Days in NYC, and the UFC is celebrating Black History Month with a week-long media tour featuring stops in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and, of course, New York City. Today's festivities include a visit to the Boys and Girls Club in Harlem, so I pick my 6-year-old daughter up from school and drive on over.

The Boys and Girls Club is where kids go after school to study, do homework, or stay busy doing something constructive in lieu of wandering the mean streets tipping over cars. My daughter and I arrive early, so when UFC champ Demetrious Johnson, TUF star Uriah Hall and media personality Karyn Bryant get there, they see us doing sprints back and forth on the gymnasium floor.

7 Days in NYC: Sunday - 2.23.14


The Underground Combat League has always been about unique experiences. In the "Dark Ages" of 2003 to 2012, that experience was the simple act of seeing an MMA fight in New York City. In those days, it was the most clandestine of all clandestine affairs, with event info coming via text message only days before and a doorman keeping out those not on "the list". Times have changed, of course. Now the city is full of MMA shows going down in the full light of day, and you can follow the UCL on Facebook, where everything you need to know to attend is posted for all to see.

Still, in this brave new world of amateur MMA everywhere, the UCL remains unique - unique in ways that would be impossible to replicate elsewhere. Unique in ways that are just fine remaining the sole province of the 11-year-old unsanctioned MMA promotion.

Monday, February 24, 2014

7 Days in NYC: Saturday - 2.22.14, Part 2


Like the Gregorian calendar's demarcation of the birth of Christ as the starting point for the numbering of years, the timeline of MMA in New York has its own very special Year Zero - a time of rebirth, change and hope. That year is 2012 of course, when, during the course of litigation of Zuffa's lawsuit against the State of New York, the State Attorney General was forced to concede that amateur MMA is and always has been legal. Yup, that was the year that it all began for the scene that exists today - a scene that includes massive 2,000-spectator events in Midtown concert halls and armories, and 1,000-spectator shindigs in high school and college gymnasiums in the Five Boroughs.

The numbers themselves tell the whole story. In 2011, there seven amateur MMA events in the state; in 2012, there were 24 - a number that doubled in 2013.

The floodgates, as the say, have been opened.

Of the 19 different promotions who put on events in 2013, one has managed to navigate the sudden rushing waters to greatest effect, holding seven MMA events over the course of the year (four more than their nearest competitor). That promotion with the most shows: the Aggressive Combat Championship.

It's Saturday night of Day Five on my week-long odyssey through the New York City MMA scene, and ACC is holding an event at the Fitzgerald Center at Queens College. After a day spent at a judging seminar in Manhattan, I head on out to the borough I call home.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Aggressive Combat Championship - 2.22.14


Kickboxing bout results:

  • Steve Inoshima def. Renzo Mendoza via TKO at 1:04, R3
  • Joshua Nielsen def. Hung Nyugen via Unanimous Decision
  • Erin Blachfield def. Destiny Quinones via TKO at 1:37, R2
  • Louie Walter def. Alex Valasco via Majority Decision
  • Nuchem Fisher def. Shamir Arias via Unanimous Decision
  • Kat Morales def. Samantha Abrams via Unanimous Decision
Combat Jiu-Jitsu result:
  • Mike Roseli def. Luiz Razuri via Unanimous Decision
MMA results:
  • Isaias Guerra def. Stephen Ramos via Submission (Guillotine) at :28, R1
  • Edwin Nicholas def. Florentino Laureno via Split Decision
  • Luis Gonzalez def. Jackson Farjardo via Split Decision
  • Paul Grant def. James Clark via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:42, R1
  • Erick Taylor def. Matt Roman via Split Decision
  • Oswald Perez def. Johnny Castillo via Submission (Armbar) at 2:04, R2

7 Days in NYC: Saturday - 2.22.14, Part 1


There have been 81 completely legal MMA events in New York State since 2010. And yet, as of today, the New York State Athletic Commission has overseen the training of zero referees, zero inspectors and zero judges. Obviously, this wonderful dichotomy exists because of the outdated statute banning pro MMA, and the battle to change that law continues to rage. But regardless of what is legal or not and budgeted for in the State's annual budget, 81 events is a lot of shows to have with no uniform standard for officiating fights.

Thankfully, there is some kind of training of officials going on in New York. Thankfully, there's Rob Hinds, an experienced official with numerous commissions, and the man who trains others on that stuff.

In the 1980s show "The A-Team", the eponymous group of semi-outlaws traveled around the country dispensing justice when the law could not. Hinds and his crew are like that, although instead of justice, they're doling out knowledge. (Also, they're not fugitives. I don't think.)

It's Saturday, Day Five of my week-long journey of MMA in New York, and Sambo Steve is hosting one of Hinds' seminars. I make my way to Midtown Manhattan for the 8am class.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

7 Days in NYC: Friday - 2.21.14, Part 2


It's an odd sight, seeing an MMA champ with an unblemished 9-0 record - with some of those by spectacular, crushing knockouts - don a gi and a white belt and learn the basics of judo. But that's just how it is for Jerome Mickle, who owns the gold straps for the Underground Combat League and the New York Fight Exchange, and who'll be defending his NYFE welterweight belt on March 15 against a champion kickboxer and Team Renzo rep. Jerome, you see, is at the vanguard of top talent in the suddenly alive and vibrant New York amateur MMA scene - a scene that didn't exist when Jerome first started fighting here years ago - and this new paradigm in competition and training means fighters can find coaches and camps where none existed before.

It means that Jerome, who for much of his career studied under the tutelage of UCL promoter Peter Storm, often training in Storm's attic until the two parted ways, now has other options.

Today is the fourth day of my seven-day New York City MMA roadtrip, so I boogie back up to the Bronx to catch one of Jerome's training sessions. His new school? Iglesias MMA, whose head coach, Dr. Richard Iglesias (he's a chiropractor, hence the "doctor" prefix), has accepted the already accomplished MMA champ with open arms.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback: Aggressive Combat Championships 1


The next installment of the Aggressive Combat Championships is tomorrow night at Queens College, so in honor of that, take a stroll down memory lane. Here's what went down at their first full amateur MMA card in New York City, back in January of 2013.

7 Days in NYC: Friday - 2.21.14


It's Friday morning, and ringing my doorbell is a process server for the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York with some papers that must be hand-delivered. Guess who's been subpoenaed for the Zuffa vs. NYS lawsuit?

Another Obligatory UFC 170 Post


Because I can't just ignore the fact that Ronda Rousey is fighting. I just can't.

Anyway, here's Dana White doing the media day scrum.

7 Days in NYC: Thursday - 2.20.14


If I had to describe "Sambo Steve" (born: Steve Koepfer) in one word, it would be "ubiquitous". Why? Because when it comes to MMA in New York, the dude is everywhere.

Want to learn sambo? Go to his New York Combat Sambo school in Midtown Manhattan. Want to fight on a local show? He'll hook you up and manage you. Want to put together an event, hire a fight judge, organize a refereeing seminar, make a movie or help with the movement to get MMA sanctioned here? Steve's your guy, the Leonardo Da Vinci of combat sports, the Renaissance Man of all things fighting. The U.S. Army Special Forces uses a computer program that crunches the social media of terrorist cells and determines which individuals are the focal point of that particular group of bad guys; if that program was fed the info of those in the New York combative sports scene, Steve would be point where all lines intersect.

Since it's Thursday - Day Three of my "7 Days in NYC" whirlwind tour - I hop on the subway into the city to pay him a visit.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

7 Days in NYC: Photo Taken at My Subway Station


Obligatory UFC 170 Post


Because it's hard to ignore these big UFCs when they roll around, no matter how preoccupied with New York I get.

7 Days in NYC: Wednesday - 2.19.14


If you say the words "jiu-jitsu" and "New York City" together, usually the first thing that comes to the average fight fan's mind are the big name instructors - like Renzo Gracie, John Danaher and Marcelo Garcia. But in a city with almost 8.5 million residents, there's bound to be more than the big names teaching that beautiful-yet-badass Brazilian art.

Carmine Zocchi is one of those unsung instructors. And his story harkens back to the days when the UFC was small, and the outlets in the Big Apple where one could learn how to fight like they did in the cage were scant. Back in the mid- to late '90s, you could train at Renzo's growing academy, maybe Fabio Clemente's tiny operation set up in the yoga room of a health club, and that was it in terms of destination schools. But if for some reason or another those places weren't for you, you needed a bit of luck - which is what Carmine had when he found a purple belt to teach him what it meant to effectively execute the chokes and armbars and escapes that form the backbone of the style. (Yeah, you could say we take for granted today what was a scarce commodity back then.)

Eventually, Carmine hooked up with UFC 20 veteran Marcelo Mello, an old school jiu-jitsu black belt fresh off the boat from Brazil, and with Mello teaching out of the basement of a health club in Astoria, Carmine earned a purple belt himself. Eventually, Mello would award him a black belt of his own.

It's Wednesday, Day Two of this whole "7 Days in NYC" thing, so I'm driving out to Carmine's school in a distant part of Queens (Maspeth to be exact, which is hella far from any subway station). For insight on what it was like to train and fight outside of Renzo's circle back in the day, Carmine's perspective is both unique and invaluable.

I first met Carmine in 2001, when I strolled into a budding MMA school called Combined Martial Arts, which at the time was on the second floor of a building in Jackson Heights. Outside the window, maybe only 20 feet away, the 7 train was a constant distraction as it rumbled either towards Flushing or Manhattan, but the school was a gem, complete with a ring, mats, and plenty of space to create fighters. One such fighter was Kaream Ellington, and there was Carmine, putting him through his paces on the ground. It was someone else's academy back then, Carmine was just on staff as an instructor.

Oh how times have changed...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

7 Days in NYC: Tuesday - 2.18.14


There are coaches who make jiu-jitsu competitors and coaches who make MMA fighters. Justin Garcia - whose school, the Jungle Gym, is nestled under the elevated tracks of the 6 train in the Bronx - makes warriors. I know this because I've seen his "tribe" go to war, at Ring of Combat in Atlantic City, N.J., and at nearby amateur MMA shows. The chants, the cheers, the ferocity, the unity - it's not hard to imagine that in another time and another place, the walls of the Jungle Gym would be adorned with the ears and scalps of foes long since vanquished.

Of course, I don't actually expect to see dangling ears or scalps today. Such savagery has no place in the modern world (the gym's Bronx location notwithstanding), and Justin's more about the whole "pressure to power" philosophy than crushing enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women. No, on the short drive across the RFK Bridge and up the Bruckner, I'm anticipating a friendly vibe and a chat with one of the best instructors in the Five Boroughs.

I first met Justin (a.k.a. "Master Chim") in 2005, at a Sportfighting event in Hoboken. Sportfighting was the short-lived MMA venture of Brian Cimins, the man behind Grapplers Quest, and just prior to Justin's dramatic and intense entrance, some kid named Frankie Edgar had choked out a local fan-favorite named Jay Isip. But all that came before on that night and all that came after paled in comparison to the fire Justin brought into the ring with him, and the audience packed into the gymnasium at the Stevens Institute of Technology responded in kind. And if, by some strange miracle, a reporter from the New York Times or ESPN had wandered into the venue and sat through the whole show on that chilly December evening (and it was fucking cold outside, believe me), the sum of the resulting article would've been about the god of war from the Bronx and the devastation he had wrought.

But it's 2014 now, and as I enter the gym and am directed into Justin's office, I'm greeted by the natural evolution of jiu-jitsu black belt and fighting badass-turned wise instructor. Sure, his walls are adorned with weapons - a Spartan spear, a katana, a pair of rapiers, an axe, and even a Klingon bat'leth - but his shelves are thick with books on a wide range of subjects, and the framed picture on his desk of his wife and three young sons in jiu-jitsu gis speaks volumes of just how that erupting volcano of a temperament was cooled.

Welcome to "7 Days in NYC"


It may be the last state to resist sanctioning the sport, but as it is, New York already has a ton of MMA and MMA-related stuff going on within its borders. So much so in fact that stuff can be written about it daily - which is why, for the next seven days, I'm going to be going out and gathering news pertaining to MMA in the Big Apple and posting it here on MMA Journalist. Expect a bunch of interviews, event coverage (there are two MMA shows in New York City this weekend), videos... the works.

Welcome to "7 Days in NYC" (#7DaysInNYC on Twitter).

Go Behind the Scenes at CFFC 25


Last June the Cage Fury Fighting Championship went to Pennsylvania (as they are known to sometimes do) for their 25th show. Since Pennsylvania is a bit far for my driving tastes, I did not go, but thankfully, CFFC did this behind the scenes video. Enjoy!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dana White's Vlog for UFC 170 - Now with More Fighters Crying


The best thing about Dana White's vlogs are the behind-the-scenes stuff we're made privy to. For instance, did you know that it's totally cool to cry after you lose in the Octagon?

Jon Jones Stumps for MMA in New York


UFC light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones did some stumping for the MMA in New York movement over the weekend, sending a letter to a Black and Puerto Rican legislative caucus that implored them to help push the MMA bill forward. The caucus was meeting in Albany to... do whatever it is they do up there - go to strip clubs? Eat steaks? Shiver in the cold? I've been to Albany a few times now and I'm still not entirely sure what it is they do.

Anyway, good on Jones for sending the letter. You can read it below.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

There's a UCL One Week From Today - Who Wants to Go?


Here's a quick video promo:

Some UFC Fight Night 36 Vids


Here are some vids from last night's UFC, which had so many decisions that Baby Jesus wept.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mike Constantino One Step Closer to Becoming Dana White


New Jersey-based coach, manager and all-around nice guy Mike Constantino is what you'd call a Rennaissance Man. When it comes to MMA, he literally almost does it all. Well, you can add "president of a top regional MMA promotion" the list, as Constantino is now the president of the Cage Fury Fighter Championships. Hooray, congrats, blah, blah, blah and all that. What's most notable about this news is how much like Dana White our pal Mike is getting to be. Let's lay out the facts for comparison, shall we?

Mike Constantino
Dana White
president of CFFC
president of UFC
trained the likes of Jim and Dan Miller, and tons of other fighters
former boxercise trainer
former fighter
fought on the hard streets of Boston
owns AMA Fight Club gym
probably has some sort of stake in the UFC Gym franchise
has a full head of well-maintained hair
bald as an eagle
lives in New Jersey, where it has snowed a lot
brought tons of artificial snow to his yard in Las Vegas so his kids could make snowmen or something

Obviously, they're aren't alike in every way yet, but there are some traits they share. Are the similarities freaking you out like they freak me out?

Friday, February 14, 2014

UFC Fight Night 36's Northeast MMA Connection


Not that you would need any convincing, but there's a very good reason to tune in to UFC Fight Night 36 tomorrow night on FOX Sports 1. Sure, Lyoto Machida and Gegard Mousasi are going to throw down, and presumably dance for five rounds or fuck each other up (I'm hoping for the latter). But tucked away earlier in the card, as one half of the first bout on the FOX Sports 1 broadcast, is Charles Oliveira. Yup, the same Charles Oliveira who beat Dom Stanco at ROC 24 to win the lightweight belt.

Small world, huh?

Anyway, here's a video of the UFC Fight Night 36 weigh-ins.

For Your Viewing Pleasure, A New York Fight Exchange 1 Highlight Video


Some organizations get off to a rocky start, some make all the right moves coming out of the gate. New York Fight Exchange, which held their debut event at a nightclub in Jamaica, Queens, in October, did everything right. From solid production value to strong matchmaking to a thrilling main event, the NYFE had it all - which they'll hope to replicate when they return to the Amazura Concert Hall on March 15.

Here's a highlight vid from their last show.

Flashback: Eddie Fyvie vs. Jay Haas at CFFC 24


Everyone gets old, even the 20-something lightweights who show all the promise in the world.

A few years ago, Upstate New York native Eddie Fyvie was a well-rounded, technical fighter who could submit guys just as easily as knock them out, and he was poised to do great things in the Northeast circuit. But injuries and such slowed him down, and adding Father Time to the equation - which makes even the best lose half a step - made chasing that elusive win that much harder.

Anyway, here's his CFFC 24 bout against Jay Haas, which took place on May 11, 2013. Believe me when I say the Fyvie of 2008 would've made for a very different outcome.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ring of Combat: Crunching the Numbers


Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat is one of the longest-running regional promotions in the industry, and the longevity of the New Jersey-based organization can be attributed to a number of factors, not the least of which is its consistency in putting on competitive fights. How competitive are these fights? So much so that winning a ROC championship belt often bodes extremely well for the future of any fighter.

Like any good nerd, I've compiled some hard data on this subject, but before that, here are some facts for you:
  • The first ROC was on October 12, 2002, and took place at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. 
  • All subsequent ROCs have been held at various locations in New Jersey, and in Atlantic City exclusively since ROC 10 on April 14, 2006.
  • There have been 66 ROC champs since the promotion's inception.
  • Of those 66, 23 have gone on to fight in the UFC, 14 have gone on to become TUF competitors, and 21 have made appearances in the Bellator cage.
Below is a breakdown of all of ROC's champs. Listed are the specific ROC event where they won their belt, the date of that event, and if that champ went on to the UFC, TUF or Bellator. 

Watch Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler Kill Themselves


The weather outside is frightful today, so here's a video of two men taking about 15 years off their lives.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This is What Happens When Snow Tiger Kung Fu Fights San Bao


From the last Manup Standup - 1.26.14 in Jamaica, Queens.

A George Sullivan Video Tribute, Courtesy of CFFC


What do you get when you're a Cage Fury Fighting Championship champ and the UFC gives you a call? If you're George Sullivan, you get this nice video tribute, which was aired during a break at last Saturday's CFFC in Atlantic City, N.J.

Sullivan has had some ups and downs lately - this profile in the Newark Star-Ledger didn't do him any favors, but he scored a win in his UFC debut - so some recognition by the local org he's called him for the last few years is pretty nice. And George deserves it, as he's a pretty nice guy himself.

VCS Champ Ashley Greenway Signs with Invicta FC


Victory Combat Sports 115-pound female champ Ashley Greenway has graduated to the big leagues, signing with top-flight all-women's organization Invicta FC. The North Carolina native will be competing in Invicta's 115-pound weight class, which was recently pillaged by the UFC for TUF 20.

When last we saw the amiable Greenway, she was armbarring Ashley Miller at a September VCS show at the Armory in Manhattan. Actually, scratch that. When we last saw Greenway, she was celebrating her win by getting another tattoo.

As you can tell by her collection of ink, Greenway wins a lot.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Already the Negative Vibes are Flowing in New York


It's barely even February and already the pessimism and negative vibes are flowing freely when it comes to MMA getting sanctioned in New York this year. According to Ken Lovett of the New York Daily News and his prognosticating crystal ball, a dark shadow hangs over the heads of those seeking to lift the ban.
“I don’t see it as very likely this year,” one Assembly official said.
Opponents of the sport are latching on to a recent comment by Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship league, that opposition to contact sports like MMA highlights the “pussification of America.”
Sonia Ossorio, president of the city-chapter of the National Organization for Women, blasted the sport as “exploitive of its fighters and misogynistic towards women.”
“If the pussification of America means holding the tide against violence and misogyny, I’m all for it,” she said.
All I have to say about this is that it's way too soon to be handicapping any odds. Also, there's more than one way to skin a cat, and this particular feline might be losing a good portion of its fur in the coming months.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

AKBF Show in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. - 2.1.14


(Ed. note: the following report is courtesy of veteran writer Mark Jacobs. Check out his blog here.)

While Jim Genia was down at UFC 169 on Saturday night sitting in a hot tub drinking pink ladies with Dana White, some of us were out in the trenches doing the real work.

The AKBF event in Yorktown Heights, NY featured a numbing 17 bouts of amateur MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing and grappling.

Highlights included Anderson Silva, who showed no ill-effects of his broken leg in defeating Vinny Brightmaqn... wait, it was a different Anderson Silva?
I thought there was something suspicious when he looked much paler in person. He still impressed winning by quick first round guillotine choke (and he insists Anderson Silva is his real name).
American Top Team’s Dean Hancock unleashed a devastating body slam followed by some quick ground and pound mop up to finish Tim Knapp in round one.
And local beast Gregy Styles was his usually cocky and spectacular self, instantly taking opponent Santiago Milanese down with a bodylock and then dropping right hands on him till Milanese liquefied into the canvas. Styles must turn pro before any more amateurs are damaged beyond repair!

Full Results:
1. Grappling: Ethan Gomez draw Sam McCormick
2. Grappling: Robert Fischer W. armbar vs. George Petronella
3. MMA: Marcus Macrillo W. choke Rd. 1 vs. Mike Lopez
4. Muay Thai: Renzo Medoza W TKO Rd. 2 vs. Robert Shoomaker
5. MMA: Anderson Silva W. guillotine choke Rd. 1 vs. Vinny Brightmaqn
6. Grappling: Scott Hlubik draw Juan Santana
7. MMA: Eric Ott W ground and pound Rd. 1 vs. Joe Lowe
8. Kickboxing: Ben Tryree W decision vs. Therno Barry
9. MMA: Guy Croce W TKO Rd. 1 vs. Mike Douglass
10. Boxing: Christain Dellard W decision vs. Alex Delic
11. Muay Thai: Ray Angle W decision vs. Brian Cohen
12. MMA: Illya Kotau W TKO 3 vs. Melton Dane
13. MMA: John Marino W guillotine choke Rd. 1 vs. Alex Gonzalez
14. MMA: Dean Hancock W TKO Rd. 1 vs. Tim Knapp
15. Muay Thai: John Ladisa W decision vs. Turpel Khamayez
16. Muay Thai: Dante Goldsmith W decision vs. Gino Smith
17. MMA: Gregy Styles W ground and pound Rd. 1 vs. Santiago Milanese