Thursday, September 20, 2007

Observations from My Couch: UFN 11

-Watching a UFC bout without audio commentary is strangely soothing. Watching Joe Rogan hold a plastic spine, gesticulate and soundlessly move his lips made me wonder if I was on drugs.
-Pete Sell and Nate Quarry are warriors, and in a past life, fought valiantly and were carted off the field of battle on their shields. Sell required an extra person to carry his decapitated head.
-If one of my sisters had ever brought Nick Diaz home, I would have disapproved. If they had brought Nate home, I would have spent the afternoon playing XBOX with him.
-Chris Leben appears to have matured into a calmer, more-grounded person. He still scares me, though, and I would not let him babysit my kids.
-Din Thomas' knee injury is somehow related to his afro. I'm not sure how, but it is.