Sunday, April 5, 2015

Legislative Scorecard: Those Against MMA in New York


The UFC's lawsuit is on ice. The Senate has passed their version of the MMA bill. Ronda Rousey has supposedly charmed the governor into supporting MMA legislation. And now, with the task of ironing out the state budget out of the way, the Assembly is on vacation and will return on April 21; shortly after they return, they will mull over the subject of sanctioned cagefighting in a closed-door conference. We have roughly 69 Assemblymembers ready to vote for MMA in that conference, about eight very much against it, and 23 undecided. Since we need 76 votes in favor, that means seven of those who are sitting on the fence must be converted.

I don't follow any other sports so maybe this analogy is a little off, but it's the bottom of the ninth inning, we need to score a touchdown, and someone just passed us the puck.